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Design & Architecture august 7, 2013

Updated Household Items Use Design Flaws In Their Favor [Pics]

A design process that embraces mistakes as inspiration turns out to be a lot more successful.

Work november 13, 2012

Triple Pundit: Walmart Says Customers Should Not Pay More For Sustainability

Walmart is starting to embrace a new eco-friendly and price-competitive model.

Technology october 3, 2012

Living Ecosystem Turns Seawater Into Fresh Drinking Water [Pics]

A futuristic-looking contraption to be part of a Smart Water Network infrastructure.

Design & Architecture february 10, 2012

Adjustable Kids Bike Grows With Its Rider [Pics]

New range of bicycles continue to fit your child as they get older, making them more sustainable and economical.

Cities october 10, 2011

Naomi Klein: The Fight Against Climate Change Is Down To Us – The 99% [Headlines]

Our movement differs from previous anti-globalisation protests. To change society's values we must stay together for years.

Arts & Culture october 10, 2011

How Green Is Your Coffee? [Headlines]

Our taste for coffee has hit forests and biodiversity, but efforts are afoot to make production more sustainable.

Design & Architecture october 28, 2010

SpaghettiMonster: Pen Holder Made From Waste Material

Polish designers Filip Wcisło & Katarzyna Bukowska have created a simple, eco-friendly accessory from production scraps.


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