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Your Next Pair Of Jeans Could Be Made From Old Fishing Nets

Energy From A Tree’s Growth Transformed Into Renewable Resource

Saving Hermit Crabs With 3D Printed Shells

Springwise: Plantable Raincoat Made From Potatoes And Laden With Seeds

China’s Green Economist Stirring A Shift Away From GDP [Headlines]

WMMNA: Garden Art Installation Asks, Who’s The Invasive Alien Species, Us Or Them?

Dumping Subway Cars To Create Artificial Reefs [Pics]

Oyster-tecture: Mollusk Landscaping A Sustainable Future

FuturICT Hopes to Model the World With “Living Earth Simulator”

Humans Give Back To The Environment… Literally

Why Are Seed Banks So Important?

  • 23 august 2010
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Putting The Suburbs On Wheels

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