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Design & Architecture april 13, 2016

Your Next Pair Of Jeans Could Be Made From Old Fishing Nets

Regenerated nylon made from waste materials is used to create a new collection from Levi's

Innovation july 9, 2013

Energy From A Tree's Growth Transformed Into Renewable Resource

Humanity must change the paradigm of manufacturing and industrialism to develop a more responsible methods of energy production.

Work october 26, 2011

Saving Hermit Crabs With 3D Printed Shells

A digital design company is making shells to help hermit crabs - but why is there a shortage of shells?

Syndicated september 28, 2011

Springwise: Plantable Raincoat Made From Potatoes And Laden With Seeds

Equilicuá’s Spud Raincoat is fully biodegradable, compostable and suitable for planting.

Sustainability september 18, 2011

China's Green Economist Stirring A Shift Away From GDP [Headlines]

Niu Wenyuan's 'quality index' measures the economy not just by size, but by sustainability, social equality and ecological impact.

Technology august 22, 2011

WMMNA: Garden Art Installation Asks, Who's The Invasive Alien Species, Us Or Them?

Theater artist Kris Verdonck, transforms the first floor of the Z33 art space in Hasselt, Belgium into a garden that explores the concept of 'invasive alien species.'

Design & Architecture april 18, 2011

Dumping Subway Cars To Create Artificial Reefs [Pics]

Photographer Stephen Mallon captures the awesome sight of the MTA's popular program to dump old trains into the Atlantic to revitalize marine wildlife.

Work february 3, 2011

Oyster-tecture: Mollusk Landscaping A Sustainable Future

Landscape architect Kate Orff proposes building oyster reefs in the harbor of New York City as a way to fight pollution and protect against climate change.

Technology december 30, 2010

FuturICT Hopes to Model the World With "Living Earth Simulator"

An ambitious project aims to gather the world's knowledge & data streams to drive a single, real-time global model of our planet.

Design & Architecture august 31, 2010

Humans Give Back To The Environment… Literally

A unique DIY project in Chicago offers a way to recapture value from waste.

Home august 23, 2010

Why Are Seed Banks So Important?

A battle over land rights in Russia highlights why these storehouses of agricultural materials and knowledge are valuable.

Work july 21, 2010

Putting The Suburbs On Wheels

Homeway offers an interesting conceptual commuting solution.

Arts & Culture june 4, 2010

Mozart, Bacteria, And Energy Efficiency

Can music make microbes more efficient?

Sustainability april 12, 2010

Nomadic Plants: The Promise Of Wetware

Nomadic Plants turn ecological balance into a microbial processor.


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