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Ed Pilkington
Work april 16, 2013

Why Robert De Niro Founded The Tribeca Film Festival

Formed just after 9/11 the event was meant to help New York get back on its feet, but has become much more.

Technology january 23, 2013

Obama Rebrands His Campaign Database As An Action Network

The president is using the emails he amassed during the re-election to get support for his stance guns, immigration, climate and the economy.

IoT july 4, 2012

Chicago Mayor Plans To Make Entire Downtown Area Completely Wireless

The windy city gets hyper-connected under Rahm Emanuel's 'Grand Wi-Fi Plan.'

Work june 1, 2012

New York Mayor Plans To Ban Large Sodas And Other Drinks To Tackle Obesity

Bloomberg's plan would stop New York restaraurants and food outlets from selling sugary soft drinks over 16ozs

Syndicated april 25, 2012

Why Has Mexican Immigration Fallen For The First Time In 40 Years? [Headlines]

Study suggests faltering US economy and the resulting lack of job opportunity for Mexican immigrants as a reason for the decrease.

Technology march 28, 2012

Trayvon Martin Petition Goes Viral On Change.Org [Headlines]

Campaign website looks ahead to convening of grand jury as petition launched by teenager's parents continues to grow. It is the website's fastest growing one in the site's history.


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