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Work august 27, 2013

Ed Cotton: Should There Be A Distinction Between Advertising & Entertainment?

Lessons from Kevin Spacey’s lecture at the International Television Festival that can be easily applied to advertising.

Technology august 19, 2013

Google Hosts Online Comedy Clubs Using Hangouts [Video]

Google partnered with UK charity to create the Hangout Comedy Club to raise money for social causes.

Retail january 18, 2013

Selfridges Displays Sculptural Shoe Collection

Award-winning conceptual shoe collection is designed by traditional methods, but creates deviant, abstract forms.

Gaming & Play august 31, 2012

Mass Choreographed Light Performance Takes Over Edinburgh [Gallery]

Runners and walkers move through a mountain with lighted-sticks and a specially-commissioned soundtrack to create an interactive experience.

Home august 3, 2012

Britain's Iconic Red Mailboxes Get Golden Makeover In Honor Of Olympic Gold Medalists

The Royal Mail pays tribute to winning athletes by changing the design of their pillar boxes for the first time since 1874.

Advertising march 3, 2011

Nostalgic Design: Tape House Made Of 7,000 Cassettes [Pic]

Aspiring architect Emmett McNamara explores material reuse and creates a deeper connection with viewers through nostalgia.

Work june 25, 2010

(Events) Local Action On Food, 6th Butter Youth Conference & Create 10

PSFK has been tracking inspirational events and conferences being held around the world, featuring exceptional gatherings in the Events section of our home page. Here are a handful of upcoming events that we are looking forward to.


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