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Innovation march 24, 2016

The Future Is Urban—But What Does It Look Like?

Project explores when the boundaries of reality, imagination and a city's potential are broken

Home november 3, 2014

Survivor Library Preps for Post-Tech Apocalypse

After civilization's inevitable technological collapse, this data-bank of skills may help us rebuild

Gaming & Play october 3, 2014

Plush Toy Characters Teach Children About 3D Shapes, Geometry

Prismland is a series of educational toys that help kids learn about geometric concepts

Sustainability october 2, 2014

Future of Business School Illustrated Online Over 100 Days

The website posting looks at campus greening, innovative classes and crowdsourcing as tools for transforming the MBA experience

Work october 2, 2014

Microbial Associates Offer Executive Training for Bacteria

The latest project from artist Jonathon Keats aims to certify approximately 100 billion bacteria in fields like management, finance and product development

Technology december 16, 2013

Fisher-Price Releases Baby iPad Chair

Parents and bloggers are outraged at Baby's First iPad Stand, but does it simply reflect a growing reality?

Retail december 4, 2013

Transparent Camera Demonstrates The Analog Photography Process

Lomo hopes that the Transparent Kollector's Edition Konstruktor will give film aficionados some new insights.

Technology august 7, 2013

DIY Digital Camera Requires Kids To Build It Before Taking Photos

The Bigshot camera teaches children how the tech works by making them assemble it using a number of components.

Work january 23, 2012

New Swedish School Looks Like Google Headquarters [Pics]

An open space facility gets rid of classroom walls and provides a fun interactive environment in which students can learn.

Arts & Culture january 20, 2012

Experience The Traditional Letterpress Printing On Your iPad

A creative app that lets you design your own letter print on a digital platform.

Mobile october 31, 2011

Text-Enabled Scavenger Hunt Offers A Novel Way To Explore Your City

PSFK spoke about the Future Of Gaming with the founder of Stray Boots, a company that offers interactive, cell phone-guided tours.

Arts & Culture august 2, 2011

Online Game Teaches Kids To Deal With Bullying [Headlines]

Herotopia is a virtual community where kids learn the values of getting along in a game setting that can also be applied to their lives.

Design & Architecture june 30, 2010

Braille Ball Helps Blind And Sighted Learn Language

An educational toy helps improve tactile literacy in a fun and socially-engaging way.

Arts & Culture march 1, 2010

Multitouch Game Interface Simulates Solar Energy Infrastructures

The Strukt team of interaction designers has developed a multi-touch interface which educates visitors on the challenges of building a solar energy infrastructure.


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