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Design & Architecture march 11, 2014

Abandoned Outdoor Cinema Discovered In Sinai Desert [Pics]

An Estonian photographer recently found the End of the World Cinema, seemingly transplanted to the middle of the Egyptian desert.

Travel march 7, 2014

Why Graffiti Artists Leaving Their Mark On History Are Facing Modern Consequences

Graffiti on some of the world's most amazing historical landmarks is expressly forbidden, except on The Great Wall Of China.

Home march 22, 2012

London’s Oxford Street Recreated In Egypt’s Resort Town

Savoy Group is re-creating the big tourist drag of the bustling British metropolis in Sharm El Sheikh as an attempt to boost tourism.

Technology february 3, 2012

How Crowdsourcing Will Reshape Journalism In The Middle East

18 Days in Egypt -- an interactive documentary -- enables viewers to experience a revolution through content captured by thousands of protestors.

Arts & Culture december 8, 2011

Twitter’s Top 2011 Hashtags: #Egypt And #Tigerblood [Headlines]

The most popular hashtags of 2011 have been revealed, illustrating the perfect dichotomy in our culture between a penchant for serious politics and mindless celebrity gossip.

Luxury november 22, 2011

Marie Antoinettes Perfume Bottles On View In Barcelona [Headlines]

A stunning collection of perfume bottles, including ones that belonged to the French queen and those designed by Salvador DalĂ­, is on view in Barcelona.

Technology august 15, 2011

Wireless Stars Aim To Grow Egypt’s Check-In Culture

Wireless Stars are building location-based apps to grow check-in culture in Cairo and Alexandria.

Work july 20, 2011

Creative Inspiration From The Behance Network

The Behance Network is the world's leading platform for creative professionals across all industries. Members create portfolios to broadcast their work widely and efficiently. Millions of visitors come to the Network to see the incredible work and find talent to hire.

Advertising july 13, 2011

Monocolumn: Forget Your Mobile Phone In Libya

In the daily column from Monocle magazine we learn that as a result of the large part that social networks and cell phones played in Egypt's revolution, Libya shut down the internet and mobile networks early on, and the advantage that provided them.

Advertising june 16, 2011

Crowdsourced Documentary of Egyptian Revolt Uses Twitter To Get Footage

Filmmaker Amr Salama turns to Twitter to gather over 300 GB of material for a documentary that showcases the Egyptian Revolution.

Technology june 3, 2011

Al-Jazeera Digital Dashboard Tracks ‘Arab Spring’ Tweets

A new dashboard provides a visualization of the revolutionary influence of social media in the Middle East and updates in real-time.

Cities may 30, 2011

Egyptian Street Art Depicts Revolutionary Thread [Pics]

Revolutionary art has sprung up on the streets of Cairo in response to recent popular uprisings.

IoT may 18, 2011

Digital Idolatry And The Limits Of Social Media

What is social media doing to our memory and relationships? How will technologists solve for its shortcomings in the coming years?

Luxury march 30, 2011

Middle Eastern Advertising In A Post-Revolution Context

Egypt's revolution is a pivotal moment that requires brands to reassess their messaging strategy; how are global agencies acting on this?


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