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Technology july 20, 2016

Circuit Marker Conducts Electricity As You Draw

Different components can be connected by tracing the pen along a sheet

Retail june 28, 2016

Create A Custom Daihatsu Using 3D-Printed Car Parts

The Japanese car manufacturer allows owners to personalize the exterior of their vehicles at the click of a button

Tesla break into the mass-market with “affordable” Model 3 automobile (BBC)
Work december 13, 2013

Open-Source Schematic Lets Users Build A Functioning Paper Speaker [Pics]

The elegant work of this French product designer allows you to build your very own paper speaker.

Innovation july 17, 2013

Electric Scooter Uses An iPhone As Its Dashboard

Smartphone integration lets you keep track of battery life, mileage and more while you're riding.

IoT june 10, 2013

Charging System Powers Electric Buses In 15 Seconds

Switzerland trials the world’s first bus system that could be the future of city transport.

Arts & Culture march 7, 2013

Tree Sculpture Turns Venue’s Production Equipment Into Art [Pics]

Designed by Mathieu Lehanneur, the Parisian space makes the sound and lighting equipment an integral part of the interior design.

Syndicated march 7, 2013

Why Electric Cars Still Aren’t Ready For City Streets

Israeli initiative Better Place sold fewer than 750 cars and lost over $500 million.

Design & Architecture september 21, 2012

Electric Motorcycle With Spherical Wheels Drives In Any Direction [Pics]

This omnidirectional bike that will remain upright, even at a standstill.

Technology august 14, 2012

MIT’s Tiny Foldable Electric Car Will Retail For $16,000

The Hiriko Fold is a compact vehicle expected to go on sale in 2013.

Technology august 2, 2012

Functional Electric Wheelchair Made From LEGO [Video]

World's first mobility assistance device created from toy building blocks.

Work august 2, 2012

Plug-In Kit Turns Any Car Into A Hybrid For $3000 [Video]

Hub technology turns almost any vehicle into a more eco-friendly option.

Luxury july 30, 2012

Sleek Custom-Built Electric Bike Inspired By The Motorcycle [Pics]

An eco-friendly e-bike that is stylish and powerful.

Innovation june 21, 2012

Electric Tricycle Provides A Greener Alternative To Cars [Pics]

An eco-friendly vehicle hopes to make getting around urban cities more convenient.


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