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Mobile may 24, 2012

Apps Locate And Reserve Time Slots At EV Charging Stations

Electric vehicle charging companies collaborate, boosting a mobile platform that identifies outlets on a map and organizes the queue.

Innovation april 16, 2012

IBM Partnership Enables EVs To Charge More Sustainably

The company teams with Honda and PG&E for a pilot project that will allow communication between electric cars and the power grid.

Sustainability february 1, 2012

Nissan Developing EV Batteries That Can Be Reused In The Home

Japanese automaker is teaming with Swiss company to create more efficient, multi-purpose energy storage device.

Work january 23, 2012

Used Electric Car Batteries Could Be Crucial In Future Energy Storage

New partnership will evaluate storage systems and back-up power sources using lithium-ion packs from EVs.

Cities november 8, 2011

6 Sexy Electric Cars Hitting The Streets In 2012 [Headlines]

These cars will help define the cutting edge of style and low-impact transportation.

Luxury october 20, 2011

New Movie Gives Lifts The Veil On The Big Business Behind Electric Vehicles

Innovation in the EV space is coming from Silicon Valley of all places. 'Revenge Of The Electric Car' provides an intimate, behind the scenes look at the response from GM and Nissan, as they release their entrants in the EV space.

Design & Architecture october 14, 2011

GM Announces Fully Electric Vehicle, The Chevy Spark

This will be the automanufacturer's first car in over 10 years to run solely on batteries.

Technology october 4, 2011

France’s Autolib Electric Car Share Goes For A Test Run

This green initiative hopes to encourage Paris citizens to subscribe be able to drive electric cars in and around the city.

Work september 30, 2011

Drivers Hook Up Electric Vehicles To Power Grid To Earn Money

Green technology company NRG Energy and the University of Delawarehave created a system to take charge from EVs to even out the power grid.

september 26, 2011

Nissan LEAF Start-Up Sounds [Headlines]

The Nissan LEAF electric car run silently, so the manufacturer offers a selection of start-up sounds.

Advertising august 29, 2011

GM Partners With LG To Have Electric Vehicles More Readily Available

The tech giant and the auto giant have collaborated to make electric cars more accessible to consumers.

july 26, 2011

Electric Car Sales Fell By Half In Second Quarter [Headlines]

Despite the drop in sales of electric cars, the industry and government remain positive there will be a turnaround.

july 6, 2011

The First Electric Car Battery Switch Station Installed In Europe [Headlines]

Due to many complaints that electric cars restrict mobility, a company called Better Place has opened up its first battery switch station in Denmark where cars can recharge.

Mobile june 27, 2011

AAA Announces Plans For EV Rapid-Charging Units

New roadside assistance vehicles in the Northwest will be fitted with mobile charging facilities.


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