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Retail november 25, 2016

Jaguar Previews Their First Electric Vehicle, I-PACE

The forthcoming electric SUV derives its DNA from a supercar, with the efficiency of an EV

Technology october 26, 2016

Honda Has 3D Printed A Fully Electric Minivan

The car manufacturer partnered with product developer Kabuku to create the small versatile vehicles

Sustainability september 20, 2016

A Canadian Car Company Has Married Eco-Friendly Design And Personal Travel

SOLO is an single passenger electric commuter vehicle that can cover up to 100 miles per charge

Automotive september 9, 2016

This Skateboard Is The Smallest Electric Vehicle Around

The board can travel more than ten miles on a single charge at up to 25 km/h

Fitness & Sport august 30, 2016

DevBot Is An Intelligent, Driverless, Electric Car

The unmanned test vehicle from RoboRace is a preview of upcoming AI race models

Design & Architecture august 12, 2016

Car Or Motorcycle? Nissan's Zero-Emission Prototype Gets Rio Debut

The BladeGlider project has seen as many ups and downs as an Olympic hurdler

Travel january 1, 2016

Smart Cities are Beginning to Adopt Electric Scooters as the Future of Transport

As cities expand and demand for electric scooters and vehicles grows, Gogoro is trying to bring a new urban energy infrastructure to market

Work april 7, 2014

Briefcase Scooter Is The Ultimate Commuter Tool [Video]

Dual-function case folds away in under 10 seconds.

Home april 4, 2014

Honda Unveils A Smart Home That Promises Zero-Carbon Living [Pics]

Smart home produces enough energy to resupply the grid.

Sustainability august 22, 2013

Electric Microcar Folds In Half To Fit Into Tight Spaces [Video]

The Armadillo-T is an electric vehicle that can tuck away its rear body and condense its size to almost half.

Luxury april 19, 2013

Cadillac EV Steering Wheel Lets Drivers Regenerate & Store Energy [Video]

Paddle shifters in the vehicle enable power to be kept as electricity in the battery pack for later use.

Cities march 5, 2013

Toyota Envisions Three-Wheeled, Covered E-Motorcycle

The i-Road is a two-seat, personal mobility vehicle concept that is flexible, intuitive, and designed for city streets.

Technology february 5, 2013

Kite-Powered EV Travelled Across Australia

Evonik's Wind Explorer uses only energy generated by its portable wind turbine and a giant kite.

Innovation december 4, 2012

Electric Socket ‘Speaks’ To Journalists To Promote New EV

Opel created a unique advertisement for the Ampera using a power strip that when used, began to talk.


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