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Technology september 22, 2016

Electricity-Free Refrigerator Uses Ancient Technique To Save Food

The low-cost cooler can help low-income families keep perishables fresh for longer

Sustainability august 26, 2016

This Windbreaker Lets You Explore The Outdoors While Charging Your Phone

The apparel includes solar panels that allow the wearer to stay connected through the power of renewable energy

Travel august 24, 2016

Use Running Water To Charge Your Phone

This personal hydroelectric generator powers your devices by harnessing the force of a river

Europe august 19, 2016

Swedish Sharing Service Helps EV Drivers Find Charging Stations

Elbnb lets people add their chargers to a map for others to locate

Technology july 20, 2016

Circuit Marker Conducts Electricity As You Draw

Different components can be connected by tracing the pen along a sheet

IoT january 4, 2016

CES 2016: Bringing Light to Dark Places

Impacting over a million lives: buy a solar-powered light and one gets donated to a part of the world in need

Work january 9, 2015

Wireless Charger Merger to Improve Your Device Experience

Merger may spell big changes for wireless charging industry

Cities january 7, 2015

CES 2015: Rezence Brings Wireless Power to Sin City

This week, a not-for-profit group will promote the technology during the year's most electrified conference

Innovation december 1, 2014

Walkway with Renewable Power Source May Be in Our Near Future

Rayworks Design unveiled a concept design for a futuristic walkway

Technology september 11, 2014

Power Up Your iPad While Making Coffee Off the Grid

KettleCharge uses boiling water to charge your devices

Luxury september 2, 2014

Dress Discharges One Million Volts of Electricity Without Electrocuting Wearer

This wearable faraday cage dress by Anouk Wipprecht and Arcattack glows bright purple when electrified

Luxury september 1, 2014

Akon Lighting Africa with Solar Powered Initiative

Platinum-recording artist campaigns to bring clean electricity to African homes

Home march 6, 2014

Colorful Solar Cells May Lead To Energy-Harvesting Home Decor

A group of researchers rethinks the stained glass window for an energy-conscious future.

Work february 26, 2014

Solar Magnifying Glass Could Power The Entire Planet

Could this invention change the way energy is delivered on a global scale?


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