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Innovation december 6, 2013

9 Things You Need To Know Today

Using Google to predict flu outbreaks, Applebee's attempts to automate, and more.

Work november 21, 2013

Mini Energy Kit Stores And Transports Electricity For Developing Countries [Pics]

Could this be a step towards combating the global problem of limited access to power sources?

Work november 18, 2013

Workspace Lets Your Charge Your Gadgets By Pedaling

Pedal Power produces stationary, pedal-powered machines that can be configured to run a multitude of devices.

Home september 27, 2013

Playgrounds Transform Children’s Energy Into Harvestable Electricity

Empower Playgrounds is a nonprofit that gives merry-go-rounds to schools in Ghana that can generate and store electricity.

IoT august 5, 2013

Home Monitor Identifies Every Energy-Wasting Appliance

You could soon know how much you spend on each appliance every month instead of just having one bill

Arts & Culture july 29, 2013

Portable Sewage System Turns Waste Into Drinking Water

Self-sustaining waste treatment machine also produces excess energy for use by the local community.

Technology may 30, 2013

Paper Humidifier Flower Works Without Electricity

A portable and aesthetic innovation to help prevent overly dry environments.

Cities may 13, 2013

Toyota Debuts Electric Bike And Car Sharing Stations

The Smart Mobility Park in Toyota Ecoful Town can charge vehicles as well as generate and store power.

Sustainability may 3, 2013

Kinetic House Powered Through Exercise

Experimental home doesn't need an electricity supply, just human exertion.

Sustainability april 18, 2013

Could Bitcoin Mining Be An Environmental Nightmare?

Even digital digging can have an impact on our ecosystem.

IoT december 20, 2012

Plug Displays Energy Usage In Dollars Spent

MeterPlug shows the real cost of your appliances by measuring consumption and sending the info to your smartphone.

Innovation december 4, 2012

Electric Socket ‘Speaks’ To Journalists To Promote New EV

Opel created a unique advertisement for the Ampera using a power strip that when used, began to talk.

Design & Architecture october 26, 2012

Use The Toyota Prius To Power Household Appliances

The new models enable drivers to supply electricity to external devices in case of a power outage.

Arts & Culture october 26, 2012

Club’s 'Smart Floor' Generate Energy When People Dance On It

Sustainable Dance Club turns kinetic movements into usable power.


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