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Home december 8, 2015

Aquaponics, Not Robotics, For Our Future Kitchens

This design concept for the Future Classroom puts a spin on the futuristic kitchen with an integrated garden

Technology july 1, 2015

Taste Recipes Before They Hit Your Kitchen

BUD is a tabletop game concept that synthesizes flavor from a recipe for pre-cooking sampling

Design & Architecture november 18, 2014

Virtual Hunting Experience Wins 2014 Electrolux Design Lab Competition

Future Hunter-Gatherer is a virtual grocery shopping experience inspired by nature

Sustainability november 3, 2014

Electrolux Design Lab Finalists Unveiled

Appliances brand wants to make these futuristic concepts a possibility

Work july 8, 2014

Flying Drone Will Serve Your Favorite Cocktail

Yura is a personal bartender that is activated via voice commands or the user's phones or computers.

Home july 7, 2014

Design Concepts Aim At Creating A More Sustainable Wardrobe

A pen that mends your clothes, a wardrobe that makes new clothes from your throw-aways, and a machine that turns plastic bottles into t-shirts.

Design & Architecture october 23, 2013

Swarms Of Mini-Robots Will Clean The Homes Of The Future

'Mab', by Colombian designer Adrian Perez Zapata, took first prize at this year's Electrolux Design Lab competition.

Technology june 28, 2013

Holographic Appliance Transports Famous Chefs Into The Kitchen [Pics]

Global Chef is a conceptual device that will conjure up projections of friends and famed cooks to make meal preparation more social.

Retail september 21, 2012

10 Designs That Will Change The Cooking Experience [Pics]

A 'smart' spoon that tells you what you need to add to your meal to an at home molecular gastronomy machine, see the 10 finalists from the Electrolux Design Lab.

Work june 15, 2011

Designers Rethink Home Appliances With Intelligent Mobility In Mind

Twenty-five young designer from around the world are hoping one of their ideas wins the Electrolux Design Lab competition.

Sustainability september 29, 2009

Food Preparation Merges With Science and Sustainability

The Electrolux Design Lab is a global design competition for graduate and undergraduate industrial design students to showcase innovative ideas in household appliances.


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