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Technology january 16, 2013

Device 'Steals' Excess Power From Nearby Electromagnetic Fields

Dennis Siegel has built an 'Electromagnetic Harvester' that can use redundant energy to charge a battery.

Technology january 11, 2013

Magnetic Helmet Helps Treat Depression

Researchers in Israel have developed a non-invasive way to treat brain disorders.

Technology july 12, 2011

Printable Antennas Scavenge Energy From The Air

Ambient electromagnetic energy can be captured and used to power small electronic devices like wireless sensors.

Home may 18, 2011

Microsoft Turns The Human Body Into A Remote Control For The Home

Motion sensing technology uses the body's electromagnetic field to interpret gestures and control lighting, temperature and power sockets.

Technology april 23, 2010

WiFi Camera Captures Electromagnetic Activity From Wireless Devices

A new type of panoramic camera can illuminate the highlights and shadows generated by the wireless signals around us.


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