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[Insight] Email newsletters offer intimate engagement amidst an impersonal internet world
Advertising june 27, 2016

Set Up A Meeting At Starbucks Directly From Your Inbox

A Microsoft Outlook add-in will allow you to schedule a coffee meet-up with one simple command

Culture march 4, 2016

Become Pen Pals with an Internet Stranger

Become correspondence chums with a stranger across the world via email

Technology april 14, 2015

Email Platform Coaches You on Recipient Personality Styles

Crystal analyzes coworker emails to help you communicate in a curated manner

Technology february 5, 2015

Too Long, Didn’t Read? App Keeps Emails Short And Sweet

Ready to make email fast and informal? Then TL;DR is for you

Design october 10, 2014

Series Turns Email into Tangible Objects

Six Monkeys transforms digital platform into physical form with aim to reshape negative connotations associated with the once-loved service

Technology august 19, 2014

Artificially Intelligent Personal Assistant Schedules Meetings Using Email system organizes calendar based on personal preferences for meetups

Cities may 20, 2014

NSA-Proof Email Service Brings Privacy Back To The Internet

Switzerland-based ProtonMail offers an impenetrable mail client to everyone.

Culture march 12, 2014

This Inbox Redesign Could Make You Hate Email Less [Pics]

Creative studio 1910 has proposed a makeover that would take the stress out of getting to Inbox zero.

Home august 19, 2013

Is Gmail Privacy An Unreasonable Expectation?

When did it become the status quo for user's data to be mined without question?

Technology july 25, 2013

Gmail Visualization Tool Reveals Past Web Encounters

MIT's program, “Immersion”, uses personal data to build a map of email history.

Culture july 10, 2013

Email Art Project Peeks Inside Celebrities’ Inboxes

Artist Miranda July’s 'We Think Alone' project consists of weekly emails from notable people on personal topics like money and advice.

Home may 8, 2013

Why Machines Are Putting An End To Complex Human Emotions

Researcher Sherry Turkle shares why our outsourcing of interaction to androids is harming society.

Advertising december 18, 2012

15 Stories You Need To Know Today

Facebook teams up with Walmart, new Blackberry planned for launch, and Instagram data is now Facebook data...Links to start your day with.


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