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Technology march 21, 2014

Platform Helps Big Brands Become Experts On Their Future Fanbase

Jana Marketplace lets people in emerging markets test-drive big brands' new services for free.

Technology october 29, 2013

E-Commerce Platform Empowers African Artisans [Video]

Soko is an online marketplace that lets artisans sell their hand-made wares directly to consumers, cutting out the middleman.

Thanks to the Chinese, Hollywood will have more Asians in film
Luxury Hotels Need Site Readjustment in China
An Italian Tradition in the Heart of Hong Kong
Vinexpo prepares for Chinese surge
Carlsberg Announces New Venture In Myanmar
World’s First Hybrid Personal Bar Launched in Delhi and Mumbai
An Important Step Forward in China For Carlsberg
Diageo’s Paul Walsh cracks China – Telegraph
Retail july 31, 2012

Apple Struggles In Emerging Markets [Headlines]

The allure of Apple is losing hold in developing economies as less expensive competitors enter the market.

Home june 30, 2012

Industry Experts Weigh In On How Advertising Has Changed [Cannes]

What the most influential players in the advertising, branding, and marketing industries think will be the next big marketing trend.

october 19, 2011

G20’s Aging Aristocracy Stands In Way Of New Ideas [Headlines]

Emerging markets have offered to contribute more to the IMF and play a larger role in global governance.

Mobile may 20, 2010

Emerging Markets Get Access To Facebook Through '0'

A new service brings social networking access to the upwardly mobile developing world.


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