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Ai july 28, 2016

Whole Foods Chatbot Uses Emojis To Find Recipes

The all-natural supermarket is helping its customers shop more effectively by making it easier to source meal ideas

Arts & Culture july 21, 2016

How An Unfunded Kickstarter Project Is Already Being Sold In Stores

These fancy brass poo sculptures are now available for retail

Mobile july 8, 2016

5 Minutes With Mobile Messaging’s Leading Lady [FoA]

Vivian Rosenthal of Snaps shares her predictions for mobile messaging at PSFK's Future of Advertising event in NYC

Advertising june 24, 2016

Kimoji Developer: How Chatbots and Keyboards Are Poised To Change Brand Engagement [FoA SF]

Jonathan Shriftman, Director of Business Development at Snaps, shares how brands can make useful and popular applications for mobile messaging

[Stat] Facebook adds 1,500 diverse emojis for Messenger
Advertising may 9, 2016

Pin And Follow PSFK’s Future Of Advertising Findings

Roundup of the pillars of digital engagement: content, context, community and collaboration

Retail may 2, 2016

Service Uses Emojis To Fill Empty Tables At Restaurants

A VIP dining experience that's just an emoji away

Advertising december 1, 2015

Love Your Curls All the More With Dove’s Emoji Keyboard

To combat straight-haired biases and the fact that six out of 10 women do not find their curls beautiful, Dove announces Dove Love Your Curls Emojis

Technology june 8, 2015

“Femojis” Could Bring Super Women to Texts

A group of multimedia storytellers wants Apple to rep female role models among its emoji set

Culture april 30, 2015

Introjis are Emojis for Introverts

Designer Rebecca Evie Lynch tackles the iconography of inward-focused emotions

Culture march 16, 2015

You Can Now Have an Emoji Keyboard for Your Mac

Oakland-based art studio Disk Cactus has created a way to use emojis on your laptop in any Mac application

Advertising february 12, 2015

IKEA Develops Brand-Specific Emoji Vocabulary

Everyone's favorite value furniture store taps everyone's favorite modern-day hieroglyphics as marketing novelty

Cities july 10, 2014

9 Stories You Need To Know Today

Seinfeld emoji awaiting Apple's approval, Ikea uses 1% of world's wood supply and photo leaked of Samsung's virtual reality headset.

Cities june 23, 2014

Artist Reinvents How We Use Emojis Across Platforms

App allows artist- and musician-created branded and non-branded sticker Emojis to be used in multiple services and networks.

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