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Work january 20, 2013

Rewardables - A Concept For Future Of Work

Motivating the evolving workforce with a unique employee recognition program.

Design & Architecture january 20, 2013

Empowered Culture - A Future Of Work Theme

The top-down, closed door thinking of the past is making way for company cultures based on shared responsibility, openness and trust.

Advertising january 20, 2013

Freetainer - A Concept For Future Of Work

Freetainer allows companies to capitalize on their increasingly fragmented workforce while allowing employees both freelance and full-time benefits.

Work january 20, 2013

Team Members Select How They Will Fit Into Each Project [Future Of Work]

WeOrg shifts resource allocation and decision making roles away from management and gives them to all members, regardless of seniority.

Innovation january 20, 2013

Mentor Managers Encourage Workers To Deliver Better Output [Future Of Work]

Grey London has initiated a corporate cultural experiment called Open, the flips the conventional pyramid based organizational structure.

Innovation january 20, 2013

Employee Stakeholder - A Future Of Work Trend

Flat management organizations are empowering workers to manage their work with greater autonomy and choose how their time may best be spent.

Gaming & Play january 20, 2013

How Microsoft Builds Employee Trust In the Workplace [Future Of Work]

PSFK chats with Ross Smith, Director of Test at Microsoft, about how gauging trust and creating games help to create a more powerful company culture.

Technology january 20, 2013

Companies' Hidden Talent Revealed By Social Metric Score [Future Of Work]

Social talent management brand SilkRoad has developed a feature called Point that calculates a numerical valuation of an employee’s influence.

Work january 20, 2013

Workers Rank Peers To Reveal Hidden Business Value [Future Of Work]

Game developer Valve uses a peer ranking system to evaluate each employee’s range of skills and overall value to the company.

Advertising january 20, 2013

Quantified Employee - A Future Of Work Trend

Talent management tools that leverage big data are revealing hidden metrics tied to employee value.

Mobile january 20, 2013

Reinventing Real-Time Communication [Future Of Work]

PSFK chats with Jeff Beringer the Digital Marketing Innovation VP about new technology tools that are facilitating new kinds of brand conversations.

Innovation january 20, 2013

Social Learning Improves Skill Retention And Progress [Future Of Work]

Crowdbase is a social knowledge platform for companies that optimizes the management of content and internal resources

Luxury january 20, 2013

Social Knowledge Platform Builds Skills-Based Reputations [Future Of Work]

SuccessFactors is a social learning network that adds a social community around formal training courses.

Design & Architecture january 20, 2013

Networked Knowledge - A Future Of Work Trend

Collaboration initiatives are providing a collective expertise from a diverse workforce, creating an on-demand resource and information library.


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