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Technology september 22, 2016

Electricity-Free Refrigerator Uses Ancient Technique To Save Food

The low-cost cooler can help low-income families keep perishables fresh for longer

Sustainability september 14, 2016

Carpooling Service Puts Hybrid Spin On Ridesharing Model

By integrating riders as a part of its staffing, the company hopes to discourage car ownership

Europe june 30, 2016

Sweden Hosts The World's First eHighway

Siemens has successfully built the first electric highway for trucks

Sustainability may 31, 2016

Cigarette Butts Recycled Into Building Bricks To Help The Environment

Adding cigarette waste could cut the energy required to fire bricks by up to 58 percent

Design & Architecture march 3, 2016

Animated Artwork Tracks Energy Consumption in Endless Variations

Raw energy production data gets visualized in a stunning and responsive display

Innovation october 21, 2013

Thermal Bracelet Offers Personal Air Conditioning To Its Wearer

Tiny changes in skin temperature can affect the how hot or cold your entire body feels.

Mobile may 13, 2013

Track & Control Home Energy Use From Anywhere In The World [Video]

Wattio aims to to help users reduce their energy consumption with high-tech gadgets.

IoT december 20, 2012

Plug Displays Energy Usage In Dollars Spent

MeterPlug shows the real cost of your appliances by measuring consumption and sending the info to your smartphone.

IoT july 6, 2012

Startup Helps Reduce Your Utility Bill By Shifting Energy Use

Startup Smart Grid Billing could help customers get a discount by using less power at peak times.

Cities march 23, 2012

Who Uses The Most Energy In New York City? [Infographic]

Modi Research Group's infographic represents the annual energy consumption of buildings across the city.

Syndicated january 31, 2012

Springwise: Beat Your Friends At Being Green With Carbon Footprint App

New software makes reducing and monitoring consumption fun and easy.

Gaming & Play december 30, 2011

Game Uses Employees' Carbon Footprints To Determine End Of Year Bonuses [Future Of Gaming]

Suitability Momentum (Sumo) is a program from UK software developer CloudApps that accurately monitors an employee's carbon footprint to determine their end of year bonus.

Work november 8, 2011

Best Buy Launches Home Energy Department To Help Control Consumption And Cost

The online and in-store learning centers provide technology products, solutions and services for consumers.

Technology october 25, 2011

Solar Powered Battery Charger Tweets Your Energy Savings

The Changers Solar Starter measures how much energy it has stored and created and shares that information with your followers to help motivate people to be environmentally conscious.


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