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Work december 18, 2012

Red Bull Creates A Drive-Thru In An Office Elevator [Video]

Strategically placed vending machine dispenses energy drinks throughout the day.

Retail november 14, 2012

Red Bull Introduces Exclusive Flavors At 7-Eleven

The energy drink brand has launched 3 new editions in red, silver, and blue cans, which feature the taste of cranberry, lime, and blueberry.

Sustainability march 22, 2012

Starbucks Unveils A Red Bull Competitor With Green Coffee Extract

The coffee mega brand plans to enter the energy drink market with their 'Refreshers,' a beverage combining fruit juice and unroasted coffee extract.

Design & Architecture march 16, 2012

Self-Chilling Cans Cool Drinks With The Push Of A Button

West Coast Chill cuts the need for ice or refrigeration with its Microcool technology.

october 3, 2011

If The Coal Industry Made An Energy Drink, Would You Drink It? [Headlines]

The Renewable Energy Accountability Project made a mock-commercial for a fictional energy drink to highlight the negative effects of coal and coal mining.

Work july 28, 2009
Advertising march 2, 2009

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