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Travel october 24, 2016

Bike Path In Poland Can Glow For 20 Years Using Solar Power

Cyclists can follow the shimmering blue lanes for better safety each time they ride

Syndicated october 12, 2016

The UK Has Successfully Transmitted Data On The National Electricity Grid

The technology is a step toward creating virtual power stations that would enable smarter electricity use by homes and businesses

IoT january 28, 2016

MTA’s Customer-Centered Subway Cars of 2020

Can new subway cars be less of a crowded and disconnected nightmare?

Sustainability march 27, 2015

Plant Virus Can Help Boil Water 3X Faster

A combination of nanotechnology and a virus found on tobacco could save huge amounts of energy in industrial and electronic processes

Advertising december 1, 2014

Walkway with Renewable Power Source May Be in Our Near Future

Rayworks Design unveiled a concept design for a futuristic walkway

Sustainability august 28, 2013

Shower Head Glows Red When People Use Too Much Water [Video]

Uji has a green-colored light at the start of your shower but switches to red when you are using an excessive amount of water.

Syndicated november 15, 2012

Could A Tree Provide All Of The World's Energy Needs?

Israeli biotech firm says it has modified eucalyptus trees so they could displace the fossil fuel industry.

Work october 19, 2012

What Are The World’s Greenest Cities? [Infographic]

Housetrip looks at several metrics like energy efficiency and amount of water used every day to distinguish our environmental leaders.

Design & Architecture august 30, 2012

Spherical Energy System Harnesses Power From The Sun & Moon

Design concept proposes using a round, glass, water-filled ball instead of flat solar panels to increase efficiency and potential.

Retail august 29, 2012

Starbucks Gets Stores To Compete Over Most Efficient Energy Usage

The company will use Lucid's 'Building Dashboard' platform to pit coffee shops against each other to see who is more "green".

Home july 3, 2012

Are Energy Smart Meters A Threat To Privacy?

European Data Protection Supervisor warns 'massive collection of personal data' could be accessed without safeguards.

Work february 2, 2012

Control Office Lights Wirelessly With A iPhone Or iPad [Video]

LED lighting system equipped with Wi-Fi can reduce energy consumption by half.

Gaming & Play december 29, 2011

Prep School Students Compete In Real Life Game For Totaling Zero Emissions [Future Of Gaming]

The Kohler Environmental center is a live-in learning facility where teams of students compete with one another to see who can use the least amount of energy in their daily lives.

Gaming & Play december 29, 2011

Smart Metering Meets Social Networking In A Competitive Game [Future Of Gaming]

Greenpocket has developed a smartphone application that connects smart energy metering with social networking sites to create friendly competition with the positive result of less energy being used by everyone involved.


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