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Work march 22, 2016

Net-Zero Energy Home Takes on Southern California Challenges

Elements from the California poppy will drive a sustainable future that feels like home

Technology february 14, 2014

GE’s New Refrigerator Cools Your Beer With Magnets [Video]

The latest development in refrigeration relies on a more efficient magnetic cooling system rather than compressors.

Innovation june 25, 2013

Adidas Spring-Loaded Shoe Launches Runners Forward [Pics]

New sneakers modeled after pole vaults give athletes a helping hand on the track.

Sustainability may 21, 2013

Eco-Friendly, Wood-Burning Stove Cuts Carbon Emissions In Half

Swedish designed stove addresses the health and environmental problems of traditional cooking methods in the developing world.

Work february 4, 2013

Desk Lamp Has Different Lighting Modes For Studying & Relaxation

The Satechi Smart LED Desk Lamp has four modes, touch controls, timer function, and a USB port for charging devices.

Luxury january 7, 2013

Braking System Reduces Energy Used By High-Speed Trains

Currently under trial in Germany, regenerative brakes could reduce locomotive emissions while increasing efficiency.

Cities november 1, 2012

Toyota Network Helps Travelers Pick The Most Efficient Transport Option

Ha:Mo is a system developed by the Japanese automaker that tells users the quickest and most efficient route based on traffic conditions.

Technology july 13, 2012

Cartier Watch Holds Gears Together Using Vacuum-Seal Technology [Video]

Luxury brand creates a concept design that reduces air friction in the timepiece to make the battery life longer.

Innovation july 4, 2012

Diamond Laundry Detergent Can Save Trillions Of Dollars In Energy A Year

Researchers use small gem stones to efficiently remove grease and dirt from clothes.

Retail june 29, 2012

Vending Machine Keeps Drinks Cold Without Using Power

Coca-Cola Japan launches an energy-efficient drink dispenser.

Work june 13, 2012

Webcam App Turns Off The Computer When You Leave Your Desk [Video]

Smart technology saves energy during quick breaks when it sense no one is in front of the computer.

Mobile june 11, 2012

Charge Smartphones Wirelessly Using Your Laptop [Video]

Intel's embedded induction charger allows mobiles to conduct electricity without any cables.

Advertising may 29, 2012

Augmented Reality Shows VW's EV Efficiency Compared To Regular Household Items[Video]

The electricity used making a drink in a blender, can power the VW electric car for 11 kilometers.

Home april 23, 2012

Siemens Smart Surface Lets You Place Pans Anywhere On The Stove

Arrange cookware however you like with this full-induction kitchen unit.


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