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Concept Artists And Scientists Form Partnership To Visualize The Future

The collaboration hopes to liberate ideas and innovations trapped in notebooks

Automotive september 2, 2016

New Bendable Concrete Offers More Durability Than Regular Materials

ConFlexPave could halve the time it takes to install new pavement

[News] New Octobot makes way for future of soft robotics
Design july 28, 2016

Design Challenge Lets Creators Produce A 3D-Printed Project For The I.S.S.

Students, engineers and makers are encouraged to imagine an object to assist astronauts in space

Design july 25, 2016

A Closet Can Now Tell You The Best Outfit To Wear Each Morning

Perfect for those who have trouble figuring out how to dress, the wardrobe assistant can offer outfit suggestions based on your preferences and the weather

Cities june 21, 2016

The Competition To Build Transportation Pods Of The Future

SpaceX is soliciting teams and ideas to help design the Hyperloop

Technology april 29, 2016

This Supersonic Hair Dryer Runs Completely Silently

Aero-acoustic engineers and scientists at Dyson gave a high tech makeover to a hair dryer

Technology april 7, 2016

Bring Your LEGO Creations To Life With Small Electrical Conductors

These creative blocks help teach children the fundamentals of electrical engineering

Design march 29, 2016

On the Road to 3D-Printed Bikes and Bridges

Robo-arm printing is making way for built-on-the-fly transport systems

Cities march 9, 2016

STEAM Kits Prepare Kids for Jobs that Don’t Yet Exist

New littleBits kits explore creativity through electronic building blocks

Advertising april 16, 2015

Creating at the Intersection of Fashion, Technology, and Academia

Smart clothing designer and PSFK 2015 Conference Speaker Dr. Amanda Parkes discusses the merging of technology and fashion

Design january 2, 2015

Electronics Kit Wins Kids Over Cartoon Characters

Tomorrow's electrical engineers could very well get started with the child-friendly CHIP kit

Cities december 4, 2014

German Engineers Create Sideways “Willy Wonka” Elevators Using Magnetic Levitation

The design allows cabins to efficiently move up, down, and sideways (if not yet slantways and longways and backways and frontways and squareways)

Culture november 27, 2014

DIY Google Glass is Finally Here

Cat-loving maker builds DIY smart eyewear


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