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[Insight] As artificial intelligence evolves, the UK falls behind
Work january 8, 2014

Who Will Colonize The Moon?

An intrepid group of creatives draws our attention to the possible take over of the moon by private companies.

Retail july 18, 2013

New Publication Lets The Voices Of Unpaid Interns Be Heard

Graduates curate their own content with an aim to initiate debate on this employment gray area.

Design & Architecture june 28, 2013

Giant Wooden Cocoon Encourages Forest Exploration [Pics]

Architectural project mimics the beauty of nature to offer a new perspective on everyday surroundings.

Design & Architecture june 6, 2013

Playful Tourist Signs Encourage Visitors To Explore Historical Sites [Pics]

The 'Nature’s Playground' campaign by The Click Design Consultants features signs that encourage touching and having a good time.

Technology may 12, 2013

Temporary Playhouse Designed As Portable Pop-Up Kit [My Ideal City]

Theater On The Fly is a temporary, multi-purpose space that is easily configured to host a variety of performances.

Retail april 10, 2013

Topshop Collection Based On Digitised Pub Wallpaper

New Autumn/Winter style based on Britain in the 90s

Sustainability january 10, 2013

Could Better Designed Schools Increase Student’s Performance?

A new study from the UK says an institution's design can impact students grades by up to 25%.

Advertising november 9, 2012

Website Inscribes Fan’s Tweets On Vinyl Record For Artists To Listen To

New digital initiative lets fans interact with their favorite singers in the digital and analog realms.

Technology july 3, 2012

McDonald’s Charts Which Country Went Craziest Over The Euro Cup

The fast food company's 'Passion Meter' campaign measures excitement, capitalizing on fan interaction and love of football in Europe.

Sustainability june 28, 2012

Sustainable Campsite Lets Visitors Sleep In Luxe Geodesic Domes

Jeff Griffin of Loveland Farm has continued the development of his new wave 'hotel' by adding creative and comfortable sleep structures using green technologies.

Innovation april 13, 2012

British School Offers Cooking Classes For Grandfathers

An innovative volunteer-driven cooking program at Backwell in New Somerset teaches older men in Britain how to survive alone in their later years.

Innovation march 22, 2012

LEGO Resort Helps Employees Bond And Become A Stronger Team

Theme park hosts team building events and conferences within its resort.

Partner Content november 28, 2011

Fred Perry Supports Working-Class Young Athletes In Urban Ping Pong Tournament

Popular tennis clothing line targets young table tennis players from the grassroots as tribute to their humble heritage.


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