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Retail november 5, 2013

Produce-Themed Envelopes Peel Open Like The Fruit They Portray [Pics]

Lettersets that are organic in their own special way.

Work october 1, 2013

Tear-Away Envelopes Inject Creativity Into Snail Mail [Pics]

Packaging designed by a Japanese company adds tactile animation back into a dwindling industry.

Technology february 26, 2013

Online Service Digitizes Snail Mail Into An Electronic Inbox

Outbox offers to collect letters from your mailbox every three days, scan and store them online where users can view them.

Sustainability august 13, 2010

(Pic) UPS Adds Reuse To Its Shipping Envelopes

A small innovation to help make mailing a bit more green.

Cities march 9, 2010

(Event) “Envelopes”: Living, Sustainable Architecture At Pratt Manhattan Gallery

"Envelopes" is an ongoing exhibition at the Pratt Manhattan Gallery that explores architecture at the intersection of sustainability and "living" systems.


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