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Retail august 22, 2016

Soma Brings Sustainable Style To Its New Glass Water Bottle

The vessel's minimal and sporty design draws inspiration from the brand's popular pitcher

Work september 23, 2015

Eat Your Dinner and Then Eat Your Plate

Startup Do Eat is planning to bring edible “paper” plates to the mainstream

Technology march 6, 2014

3D-Printed Tiles Give Artistic Form To Environmental Data

FABMOB monitors atmospheric data and provides a tangible representation of it.

Sustainability december 23, 2013

Digital-Only Museum Has No Actual Art

Could this small museum in an obscure Romanian town be the future of viewing art?

Innovation march 4, 2013

Self-Sufficient Solar Retreat Opens Like A Dollhouse [Pics]

The concept design features walls that open on hinges to invite nature in.

Arts & Culture august 13, 2012

Giant Solar-Powered Fan Sculpture Cools Visitors [Video]

‘Ventilator’ is a 19-foot fan that uses the power of the sun to make its blades spin and the fan to oscillate.

Sustainability june 1, 2012

Nike Creates A Public Index To Evaluate The Environmental Impact Of Materials

New microsite allows makers of things to gauge the materials they use according to the waste produced, and water and energy used.

Work may 14, 2012

New Sculpture Scrubs The Air Clean Of Pollution

A sculpture on view this summer at MoMA PS1 will serve as an example of how architecture could actively fight pollution.

Retail november 15, 2011

Sports Brand Reveals Plans To Produce Compostable Clothing

Puma's CEO says the manufacturer is developing biodegradable products that can be recycled or thrown on the compost heap.

Work october 21, 2011

Using Design To Edit Our Lives, Improve Happiness & Reduce Eco-Impact [Video]

Graham Hill speaks to PSFK about how his project which will spread ideas on spatial, product, behavioural and systems design.

Design & Architecture april 5, 2011

Ecovative Design Makes Car Parts Out Of Mushrooms

The company is collaborating with Ford to develop a fungus-based foam for use in creating bumpers, doors and dashboards.

IoT december 7, 2010

The Concretus Chair: Industrial Materials Repurposed For Comfort

Designer Fung Kwok Pan transforms rugged raw materials into a body-hugging piece of furniture.

Arts & Culture february 12, 2010

Sydney Theatre Company: Greenest on Earth

The prestigious Sydney Theatre Company is set to become one of the greenest on earth, with new moves to derive almost all energy and water requirements from sustainable sources.

Design & Architecture september 29, 2009

Mitchell Heinrich: Tagging With Scents

During Mitchell Heinrich's artist residency in Vienna, he developed a new kind of "smell graffiti".


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