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Work july 9, 2014

Junk Mail And Plastic Bottles Transformed Into Eco-Friendly Art Installations

Artist Aurora Robson has created sculptures that serve as a reminder of how much waste the public generates.

Sustainability july 8, 2014

Coca-Cola Gets A Colorless, Eco-Friendly Can Redesign

Concept packaging eliminates toxic manufacturing materials while retaining elements of the brand.

Technology july 8, 2014

How Sea Salt Could Make Solar Panels Cheaper

Materials derived from seawater are 99.7% cheaper than toxic alternatives in solar panel manufacturing.

Cities july 7, 2014

Real-Time Air Quality Map Shows Breathability Of Global Cities

PerkinElmer's new color-coded reporting system will show each neighborhood's level of pollution.

Partner Content july 3, 2014

Dual Purpose Designs Baking Sustainability Into Product Packaging

Transformative designs are bringing cost-saving, sustainable solutions to the world of packaging.

Innovation june 23, 2014

How This Small 'Do-Tank' Brought Sustainability To Indianapolis

A three-person non-profit has managed to make a big difference in environmentalism in a Midwestern city.

Mobile june 20, 2014

Percussion Instrument Converts Music Into Phone-Charging Energy

SPARK helps children do their homework and cuts down on kerosene-related accidents in developing nations.

Travel june 20, 2014

Paris To Launch Bike Sharing For Kids

Scaled-down bicycles get kids involved with eco-friendly initiatives early.

IoT june 20, 2014

Full-Sized Trees Grow On Rooftops To Bring Greenery To Barren Neighborhoods

House for Trees is composed of detached buildings whose roofs act like giant planters.

Innovation june 19, 2014

Floating Park Will Retrieve Plastic Waste From Dutch River

Recreational space the size of Hawaii's main island will be made from harvested recycled plastic.

Partner Content june 19, 2014

The Art And Science Of Building Healing Homes

Innovators are designing building materials that are aesthetic and structurally functional while also purifying air and water.

Arts & Culture june 18, 2014

Reusable Protective Packaging Could Do Away With Styrofoam Peanuts

Fragile by Mireia Gordi Vila presents a new way of storing and transporting goods safely.

Work june 18, 2014

Why Sustainability Needs A Serious Makeover

Designer and Goodlifer editor Johanna Björk tells why embracing sustainable living is an upgrade not a sacrifice.

Technology june 17, 2014

Samsung Smart Bike Mixes Heritage Design With Next Generation Safety Features

The bicycle has features like a frame that neutralizes vibrations, laser beams that alert other riders, and an integrated GPS system.


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