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Sustainability august 25, 2016

Retail Expert: What Sustainability Means To The Millennial Generation

Jo Godden, Founder of RubyMoon, discusses how brands can limit their environmental impact worldwide

Arts & Culture july 28, 2016

This Grand Budapest Style Hotel Is Designed Just For Bees

A miniature boutique lodging is meant to raise awareness for the honey-producing creatures

Work february 8, 2016

The Internet of Food Will Help Us Reconnect with Our Eats

How analyzing food at the molecular level helps us understand what's going into our bodies

Work june 9, 2015

Absolut Vodka Brainstorms Sustainable Innovations from Old Storage Containers

The brand creates Creative Space, a venue for young innovators to find sustainable solutions to environmental issues

Luxury may 8, 2014

Real-Time Visualizer Shows How Daily Spending Directly Affects Climate Change

Web app works with to help you reduce your carbon footprint.

Technology july 8, 2013

Nike App Helps Designers Create Sustainable Products [Video]

'Making' helps product creators make informed decisions about the materials they choose by ranking them based on four impact areas.

Technology april 18, 2013

Could Bitcoin Mining Be An Environmental Nightmare?

Even digital digging can have an impact on our ecosystem.

Retail december 12, 2012

H&M Gives Discounts In Exchange For Used Clothes

The fashion company will roll out a clothing recycling program worldwide, offering customers a voucher for a bag of their worn out garments.

Design & Architecture june 1, 2012

Nike Creates A Public Index To Evaluate The Environmental Impact Of Materials

New microsite allows makers of things to gauge the materials they use according to the waste produced, and water and energy used.

Retail november 30, 2011

Patagonia’s Black Friday Campaign Promotes Buying Less

The outdoor apparel retailer's ad, showing one of its products, states "Don't buy this jacket".

Luxury november 23, 2011

Green Groupon-Style Weekly Deals Site Launches In Europe

Amsterdam-based Strawberry Earth features products and services from sustainable brands who care about the environment.

Cities november 16, 2011

Reusable Water Bottle Tracks Its Environmental Impact [Pics]

999bottles is a concept design from Artefact that lets you count what you've saved and then visualize it with a smartphone app.

Arts & Culture september 20, 2011

Spencer Tunick Photographs 1,000 Nude Israelis In The Dead Sea [Pics]

The Naked Sea Project photo installation took place at the weekend.

Design & Architecture december 3, 2010

Nike Launches Open Source App To Encourage Sustainable Design

The Sportswear giant has released an online tool to help apparel manufacturers improve their sustainable manufacturing practices.


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