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Home august 7, 2012

Wax Walls For The Home Save 40 Percent In Energy Consumption

By adding paraffin to plaster, these drywall boards are eco-friendly housing materials.

Design & Architecture july 13, 2012

Las Vegas Building Constructed From Over 500,000 Collected Beer Bottles

Recycled material enough to fill eight football fields used to build this manufacturing facility.

Innovation july 4, 2012

Diamond Laundry Detergent Can Save Trillions Of Dollars In Energy A Year

Researchers use small gem stones to efficiently remove grease and dirt from clothes.

Work june 13, 2012

Webcam App Turns Off The Computer When You Leave Your Desk [Video]

Smart technology saves energy during quick breaks when it sense no one is in front of the computer.

Arts & Culture april 26, 2012

Creative Lamps Made From Recycled Coffee Grounds [Pics]

Artist creates mug-shaped lighting concepts made from biodegradable materials.

Sustainability october 18, 2011

Be Rewarded With Shopping Deals By Cycling Or Recycling

Recyclebank allow cyclists and pedestrians to earn points that can be redeemed for discount coupons at participating stores.

Design & Architecture october 5, 2011

Algorithms Help Create Geometric Flower-Like Houses [Pics]

An Australian designer has created unique concept housing units that look like intricate flower petals when viewed from above.


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