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Travel july 27, 2015

A Solar Powered Car Fit for a Jetsons Family Outing

The Stella Lux generates more energy than it consumes

Technology june 15, 2012

Earbuds Made From Salvaged Wood Actually Improve Sound Quality

Headphone casings created from recycled materials ensure better acoustics.

Sustainability may 22, 2012

Glue-Less Origami Packaging Can Be Assembled In Seconds [Pics]

Minimalistic and eco-friendly design made from cardboard and easily foldable.

Innovation may 10, 2012

Motor Company Plans To Launch Car Engines That Run On Air

Tata Motors is a step closer to developing a greener vehicle that emits zero pollution.

Arts & Culture may 1, 2012

Melt Wax To Instantly Mold Fast And Easy Dishes And Cups [Pics]

A clever design concept that lets you create bowls, cups, and spoons on the go.

Technology march 23, 2012

Hipster Couple Teaches New Yorkers The DIY Aesthetic

A new website, The Poor Porker shows New Yorkers how to turn trash into treasure when you're on a tight budget.

Innovation march 20, 2012

The Reverse 3D Printer Erases Content On Paper

New innovation could be 20 times more efficient than recycling as it allows users to unprint.

Design & Architecture march 7, 2012

Customizable Electric Pods Could Replace Cars & Buses [Pics]

Futuristic concept car designed to better coexist with bicycles.

Cities march 5, 2012

Own And Drive A Tron ‘Light Cycle’

Glossy electric motorcycle replicates the famous film bike and is also eco-friendly.

Home march 1, 2012

Issey Miyake Collaborates With Scientists On Origami Fashion Line [Pics]

A collection of eco-friendly pieces that can be folded flat into 2D art forms.

Luxury february 14, 2012

Box-Shaped Electric Bike Redefines The Scooter

This square-shaped vehicle is eco-friendly, compact and stylish.

Sustainability february 1, 2012

Chevrolet Turns Old Billboards Into Stylish Bags

A clever green initiative to upscale waste into useful items.

Retail december 22, 2011

Company Encourages Supermarkets To Grow Their Own Fresh Produce

BrightFarms aims to incorporate greenhouses on the roofs of grocery retailers to reduce carbon footprint.

Mobile november 17, 2011

iPhone App Lets You Know Which Green Labels Are Actually Meaningful

The Eco-Labels app informs shoppers on verified eco-friendly products.


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