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Technology january 29, 2015

YotaPhone 2 Is E-reader and Tablet Ready to Take On Kindle

By building an ereader into mobile phone, YotaPhone 2 could be bigger threat to Kindle than fabled iPhone

Technology december 29, 2014

Best of 2014: Meet the YotaPhone 2 – both an e-reader and tablet

By building an ereader into a mobile phone YotaPhone could be a bigger threat to the Kindle than the iPhone

Technology may 12, 2014

Navy’s New Spy-Proof eReader Keeps The Crew Entertained Below Deck

Espionage-free tech comes preloaded with 300 books.

Work october 11, 2012

$13 eReader

German company txtr has introduced the small and lightweight device that lets users download ebooks through their other mobile devices.

Technology august 6, 2012

Amazon Sells Kindle For $47 [Headlines]

Is the 40% discount on select devices a signal that a new version of the eReader will be available soon?

Technology april 16, 2012

New Nook Lets You Read In The Dark [Headlines]

The latest edition of the Barnes And Noble e-reader has a touch-screen light that allows you to read without a lamp.

january 23, 2012

Tablet And Ebook Ownership Jumps To 29% In January [Headlines]

The latest computer technology catches on over the holiday season.

november 21, 2011

Amazon Kindles ‘Damaged By Airport Scanners’ [Headlines]

The popular e-reader's display has been reported to be permanently affected by X-ray radiation.

Innovation november 10, 2011

Barnes And Noble Unclear About Who Is The Intended Audience For The Nook [Headlines]

The e-reader has traditionally been marketed to mothers, but the company was unclear about to who and how it would market the next nook.

november 1, 2011

Barnes & Nobles Bulks Up Nook Boutiques For Holidays [Headlines]

The retailer has expanded retail space ahead of the holiday buying rush.

Retail march 2, 2011

Ebook Readers: Know Your Rights

In the wake of Random House adopting the "agency model" of eBook pricing, bloggers speak out about consumer rights.

Technology january 8, 2010

Samsung Debuts E-Reader With Note Taking Capabilities, Partnership With Google Books

At this year's CES, Samsung has released two e-readers that feature note taking capabilities and come loaded with access to Google's one million title library.


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