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Design & Architecture march 8, 2016

After 200 Years, The Stethoscope Gets Redesigned

Rethinking a medical tool from the ears down

Work january 7, 2015

CES 2015: Tao Chair Lets You Burn Calories While You Sit

A piece of furniture at the intersection at technology and wellness offers fitness within the connected home

Design & Architecture october 16, 2014

Rubber Pen Concept Can Be Looped Over Hand for Easy Gripping

A designer uses a friendly material to rehabilitate a very dogmatic design

Mobile september 30, 2013

Hand-Powered Phone Case Produces Electricity When Squeezed

Three-in-one case could be a valuable asset during emergency situations.

Innovation july 5, 2013

Heated Patio Furniture Keeps Loungers Warm [Pics]

Helios is a line of colorful and curvy outdoor furniture that can be set to a desired temperature.

Technology july 1, 2013

Pistol Grip iPhone Attachment Lets People Snap Photos Instantly

An ergonomic handle improves your quick-draw photography skills.

Work june 26, 2013

Rolling Footrest Counteracts Negative Effects Of Sedentary Office Life [Pics]

Sitting for too long can shorten your lifespan, which is exactly what this footrest is trying to prevent.

Sustainability august 1, 2012

Go Inside The Sustainable, Bicycle-Inspired Olympic Velodrome [Pics]

An in-depth look at the sustainable design of London's 2012 cycling venue.

Design & Architecture february 10, 2012

Adjustable Kids Bike Grows With Its Rider [Pics]

New range of bicycles continue to fit your child as they get older, making them more sustainable and economical.

Work december 10, 2010

Sedentary No More: The GymyGym Exercise Chair

A modified office chair provides an opportunity for some much needed physical activity for the desk-chained knowledge workers of the world.

Design & Architecture june 7, 2010

BeatBelly: Ergonomic Exercise Furniture

A cleverly designed piece of workout equipment blends into everyday environments.


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