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Design march 8, 2016

After 200 Years, The Stethoscope Gets Redesigned

Rethinking a medical tool from the ears down

Design january 7, 2015

CES 2015: Tao Chair Lets You Burn Calories While You Sit

A piece of furniture at the intersection at technology and wellness offers fitness within the connected home

Design october 16, 2014

Rubber Pen Concept Can Be Looped Over Hand for Easy Gripping

A designer uses a friendly material to rehabilitate a very dogmatic design

Mobile september 30, 2013

Hand-Powered Phone Case Produces Electricity When Squeezed

Three-in-one case could be a valuable asset during emergency situations.

Design july 5, 2013

Heated Patio Furniture Keeps Loungers Warm [Pics]

Helios is a line of colorful and curvy outdoor furniture that can be set to a desired temperature.

Culture july 1, 2013

Pistol Grip iPhone Attachment Lets People Snap Photos Instantly

An ergonomic handle improves your quick-draw photography skills.

Culture june 26, 2013

Rolling Footrest Counteracts Negative Effects Of Sedentary Office Life [Pics]

Sitting for too long can shorten your lifespan, which is exactly what this footrest is trying to prevent.

Design august 1, 2012

Go Inside The Sustainable, Bicycle-Inspired Olympic Velodrome [Pics]

An in-depth look at the sustainable design of London's 2012 cycling venue.

Design february 10, 2012

Adjustable Kids Bike Grows With Its Rider [Pics]

New range of bicycles continue to fit your child as they get older, making them more sustainable and economical.

Design december 10, 2010

Sedentary No More: The GymyGym Exercise Chair

A modified office chair provides an opportunity for some much needed physical activity for the desk-chained knowledge workers of the world.

Design june 7, 2010

BeatBelly: Ergonomic Exercise Furniture

A cleverly designed piece of workout equipment blends into everyday environments.


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