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Culture march 20, 2013

Blanket Designs Inspired By Camera Glitches [Pics]

Designer crafts throws using patterns from broken electronics.

Culture november 18, 2011

WWMNA: Creative And Deliberately Faulty Manufacturing [Pics]

An experiment asked workers at factories to intentionally create a mistake in a product, and the results were fascinating.

Technology september 8, 2011

Netflix Limited Streaming Error Message Angers Customers

A Netflix system error accidentally forces users to only stream one movie at a time, but will this be a permanent situation?

Design august 23, 2011

Seth Godin: Error Messages Fail [Headlines]

"There is no longer any room, nor any patience, for your cryptic remarks... it's cheaper to explain it right the first time than it is to answer a question later."

Innovation february 3, 2011

Using Crowdsourcing To Find Errors On Credit Card Statements

BillGuard uses "collective vigilance" to identify and alert its users of hidden fees, double charges, fraud and scams.

Advertising january 14, 2011

Events To Attend This Weekend: A Culture Hack-A-Thon, An Exhibition of Error, and A Tradeshow For Brands

A handful of interesting gatherings to consider for the weekend and upcoming week.

Advertising november 3, 2010

Body Can Detect Typos Ignored By The Human Brain

Psychologists from Vanderbilt University in Nashville explore the possibility of a hierarchical method of error correction.

Culture june 29, 2010

Being Wrong May Not Be Such A Bad Thing After All

We should embrace our errors instead of hating them, argues the author of 'Being Wrong'.


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