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Design & Architecture december 9, 2014

The Espresso Machine Reimagined With an Earthy Design

The Anza Machine by Montaag is designed in concrete, quartz, porcelain, brass and teak but no stainless steel

Work october 7, 2014

Hand-Press Your Own Fresh Espresso Anywhere

Campers and desk jockeys alike can enjoy luxury, self-made pick-me-ups in 2015

Arts & Culture september 19, 2014

Secret Menu for Chocolate-Dipped Cone Filled with Espresso

Alfred Coffee & Kitchen in Los Angeles serves the caffeinated favorite in edible cups

Home june 17, 2014

Espresso Machine Adapted To Make Coffee In Space

Lavazza and Argotec have created a device that can help astronauts fulfill their desires for coffee outside the atmosphere.

Technology august 1, 2013

Espresso-Brewing Robots Could Replace Artisan Baristas

Designed with Yves Behar and Fuseproject, Briggo’s Coffee Hauses brew real espresso and utilize a variety of flavored syrups.

Advertising june 10, 2013

Mini Espresso Machine Brews Coffee On The Road [Video]

Compact design allows drivers to take coffee breaks on the go.

Nespresso Goes Retro with New Maestria Machines
Design & Architecture february 5, 2013

Cup Brews Its Own Fresh Espresso [Video]

This compact coffee maker is convenient and pops right in the microwave.

Innovation july 20, 2012

New Fiat Replaces The Cup Holder With An Built-In Espresso Machine

Users will soon be able to brew fresh coffee right inside their car.

Arts & Culture july 18, 2012

Espresso Tamper Inspired By Bicycle Parts [Pics]

Iconic brand Rapha in partnership with Chris King have created a stylish kitchen device.

Advertising june 13, 2012

Starbucks Launches Coffee Vending Machines [Headlines]

Low overhead kiosks will allow consumers to pay as little as $1 for a cup of coffee, or $1.50 for popular espresso drinks such as mochas or vanilla lattes, in convenient locations.

Technology april 10, 2012

Make A Cup Of Coffee From Your Bed Just By Texting [Video]

This hack lets you brew a hot beverage straight from your mobile phone.

november 16, 2011

In UK, Espresso Cups Outsell Coffee Mugs [Headlines]

More and more households are now using coffee machines, and as a result, regular mugs are being replaced in sales.

Retail august 23, 2011

Springwise: Coffee So Custom You Can Even Name Your Blend

EightPointNine is a UK-based coffee service that will create a blend of coffee to suit your flavor preferences.


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