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Syndicated july 20, 2016

How Technology Disrupted The Truth

Social media has swallowed the news—threatening the funding of public-interest reporting and ushering in an era when everyone has their own facts

Cities november 25, 2014

Traveling Truth Box Video Confessional Booth Invites You to Tell a Lie

The (Dis)Honesty Project asks participants to open up about deceit and morality for documentary feature film

[Insight] Do Venmo and other Digital IOU apps allow people to nickel and dime friends without confrontation?
The internet’s history of censorship is shaping our future rules of free speech (Verge)
Technology july 7, 2014

Why Facebook's Ethics Do Not Meet Expectations

Users should not be shocked by the social media site's subtle manipulation of their feelings.

Work may 19, 2014

Could Robots Be Programmed To Know Right From Wrong?

The US Navy has invested $7.5 million to research the possibility of 'moral robots.'

Advertising march 5, 2014

Does Native Advertising Rely On Misleading Readers?

Do certain types of marketing help a publication better connect a reader with a product, or is it tricking the reader into accepting advertising as fact?

Technology october 29, 2013

Digital Archive Tracks Mark Zuckerberg’s Every Word

Online profile created for Mark Zuckerberg offers a window into his thoughts as CEO.

Gaming & Play october 2, 2013

Why The Future Of Prosthetics Is A Question Of Ethics

Bertolt Meyer, known as the "Bionic Man" insists commercial interests cannot be trusted to steer humanity.

Innovation january 18, 2013

U.S. Employee Caught Outsourcing His Job To China

In order to spend the day on eBay and Facebook, one man sent his tasks to foreign workers.

Syndicated november 20, 2012

Human Rights Groups Call For An End To Killer Robots

Autonomous drones that could attack without human intervention make war easier and endanger civilians.

Retail july 17, 2012

Online Plug-In Helps Shoppers Avoid Items That Use Child Labor

An easy way to shop ethically online by hiding products that exploit children.

Sustainability october 18, 2011

Branson To Create Ethical Banks [Headlines]

As the worldwide company puts in a bid to takes over branches of Northern Rock bank, it promises to revamp the banking system in the process.

Innovation september 29, 2011

'Many Bills' Service To Aid In Representative Accountability

IMB's new service helps citizens keep their elected representatives honest and accountable.


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