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Technology december 12, 2013

12 Things You Need to Know Today

JetBlue is finally launching Wifi, public Wi-Fi comes to Harlem, and Norway's public library is putting all its books online for free.

Mobile december 10, 2013

French Guide Helps Tourists Use Parisian Subway System Politely [Pics]

An illustrated e-book tells visitors to France how to avoid the pitfalls of rude behavior.

Retail october 15, 2013

Robot Composes Hand-Written Notes For That Special Someone [Video]

BOND launches app to maintain personal connections between friends and family, and bring a human touch back to gift-giving.

Travel september 5, 2013

Illustrated Etiquette Guide Reveals Tips On How To Be A New Yorker [Pics]

Animated field guide makes sure travellers know what to expect when they come to NYC.

Innovation june 30, 2013

Shawn Parr: Are Our Phones Giving Us A.D.D.?

Our collective behavior when it comes to our devices is getting worse and worse, so how do we change it?

IoT august 21, 2012

Would You Check Your Smartphone At The Door For 5% Off Your Dinner Bill?

A Los Angeles restaurant offers patrons the option to leave their devices at the door in exchange for a cheaper meal and better conversation.

Travel april 19, 2012

London Hotel Offers To Teach Kids Table Manners

A one-hour class that teaches children basic etiquette when it comes to dining.

august 25, 2011

Cyclists, Do You Draft? [Headlines]

Is riding closely behind another cyclist to save energy poor etiquette?

august 8, 2011

Is Grandma Cool With Texting At The Dinner Table? [Headlines]

Research in the UK shows that smartphones are changing the way we socialize and what we define as good etiquette.


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