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Syndicated june 15, 2016

High Fashion Comments On Britain's Upcoming EU Referendum Vote

Not even London's menswear shows were immune from opinion on the upcoming decision

Sustainability january 21, 2014

Vivienne Westwood Supports EU Ecocide Law

Fashion designer pushes for signatures on a petition to make harming the environment a punishable crime.

Technology september 26, 2012

404 Error Pages Turned Into Missing Children Ads

The Notfound project encourages businesses to use their 'page not found' errors to publish pictures of missing children in the EU.

Work june 5, 2012

Google Forced To Change Search Results Or Face Court [Headlines]

European commission wants to address search engine company's dominance which it says could harm competition.

Innovation april 17, 2012

Unemployment Of Young Europeans Soars By 50% [Headlines]

Youth jobless rate of 22.4% masks huge gap between successful north and failing south.

december 12, 2011

Bank Warns On Risks Of Euro Currency Breakup [Headlines]

JP Morgan estimates the likelihood of a euro zone breakup is less than 20%, the implications are significant enough to merit preemptive planning.

Arts & Culture october 11, 2011

Premier League Loses Fight For Intellectual Property Rights [Headlines]

The European court of justice ruled that events within a match cannot be copyrighted.

Home august 22, 2011

WMMNA: Garden Art Installation Asks, Who's The Invasive Alien Species, Us Or Them?

Theater artist Kris Verdonck, transforms the first floor of the Z33 art space in Hasselt, Belgium into a garden that explores the concept of 'invasive alien species.'

Design & Architecture august 16, 2010

Using Fictitious Narratives To Innovate

A team of designers adopt an unconventional methodology for architectural design.

Arts & Culture june 23, 2010

Desertec: African Solar Energy To Help Power Europe By 2014

Within the next few years, Europe will start getting clean energy from Africa.

Retail april 22, 2010

Future Of Retail: Brands Controlling Distribution Channels

The European Union passed a ruling earlier this week that allows makers of goods to select where they will distribute their products, a potential hit to online retailers.

Sustainability july 2, 2009

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