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Evan Roth
Design & Architecture december 18, 2012

3D Graffiti Sculptures Take Tags Off The Wall

Artist Evan Roth studies the strokes and movements street artists make and builds 3D models.

Technology november 22, 2012

Every Gesture Required To Beat Angry Birds Visualized

Artist Evan Roth used 300 sheets of tracing paper and black ink to capture all the moves he made while completing the game.

Technology october 3, 2011

iPhone Gestures Turned Into Art [pics]

Multimedia artist traces his iPhone commands and creates individual visual pieces.

IoT june 13, 2011

Leave Your Mark in Support of An Open Web

The Barbarian Group has developed a interactive, 3D online project for Mozilla's Firefox that lets visitors leave their individual mark in support of an open web.

Design & Architecture april 29, 2011

Seven On Seven 2011: Art Meets Technology

PSFK readers can use a special discount code for this year's event.

Innovation november 24, 2010

Become An Intellectual Property Donor And Your Ideas Will Live Forever

Evan Roth advocates a new kind of donation to let your ideas live on and contribute to the society.

Arts & Culture september 28, 2010

(Video) DIY Graffiti Analysis LED Spray Can

How can digitization immortalize transient street art?

Technology june 15, 2010

SPEED Show: Net.Art With A Pop-Up Mentality

Guerilla tactics help spread Internet-based artworks outside of normal digital channels.

IoT april 20, 2010

The Whimsical WordPress Experiment

Evan Roth and Matt Mullenweg collaborate to humanize and celebrate the act of publishing on WordPress.

Work april 14, 2010

When Artist Meets Programmer: A Talk With Lauren Cornell and Kristin Lucas

PSFK speaks with curator Lauren Cornell and artist Kristin Lucas about Rhizome's upcoming Seven on Seven event.

Innovation march 3, 2010

(Event) Artists Team Up With Technologists To Create Something New

Seven on Seven is an event that will pair seven leading artists with seven game-changing technologists in teams of two and challenge them to develop something new --be it an application, social media, artwork, product, or whatever they imagine-- over the course of a single day

Home february 23, 2010

(Events) Fairytale Fashion, Technology-Driven Graffiti, and Design For Humans

PSFK has been tracking inspirational events and conferences being held around the world, featuring exceptional gatherings in the Events section of our home page.

Arts & Culture january 8, 2010

Graffiti Markup Language Week

This week has been declared by The Free Art and Technology (F.A.T.) Lab as Graffiti Markup Language Week.

Luxury july 14, 2009

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