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Technology february 29, 2012

Wii Is Not Helping Kids Get More Exercise [Headlines]

Nintendo's game console that was lauded for getting kids off the couch is not having the positive effects that were predicted.

Work december 10, 2010

Sedentary No More: The GymyGym Exercise Chair

A modified office chair provides an opportunity for some much needed physical activity for the desk-chained knowledge workers of the world.

Work december 2, 2010

How Excercise Might Slow Aging

New case studies show that intensive physical training may be a key to living a longer (healthier) life.

Design & Architecture august 26, 2010

(Pic) Ciclotte’s $10,000 Exercise Bike

The incredibly expensive, but beautifully designed exercise bike makes getting in shape a bit more visually appealing.

Advertising april 15, 2010

Guests Generate Hotel Electricity By Exercise Bike

The Crown Plaza Hotel in Copenhagen has made an energetic offering to its guests.

Arts & Culture december 8, 2009

(Sponsor Message) Equinox Gym’s EQ Sessions

Equinox Gym provides a robust selection of currated music playlists which are designed to help maximise their member's workout time

Innovation december 2, 2009

New Study Reveals Exercise Could Keep Cells Decades Younger

A new study is showing that there may be additional benefits to exercise deep down at the cellular level.


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