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Cities march 17, 2015

Aerodynamic Umbrella for Your Bike

LEAFXPRO is an elegant way to cycle through the elements

Culture february 13, 2015

LED Jumprope Displays Eye-Level Analytics Mid-Workout

Smart Rope gives real-time workout feedback for curated exercise sessions

Design january 14, 2015

Split Design Re-Invents Paddleboarding as Full-Body Workout

PeleBoard makes walking on water a reality with its innovative foot-paddling system

Design september 30, 2014

Cyclocross Shoebox Holds Footwear, with Room for Beer

Packaging design fits beer and fries to honor sport's Belgian roots

Technology june 27, 2014

Slap-Bracelet Fitness Tracker Encourages Kids To Exercise

Wearable tech from KidFit helps kids learn about the value of physical activity.

Design december 5, 2013

Shoes Track Whether Athletes Are Running Properly

This new form of wearable tech has a more intimate relationship with your foot than even most socks.

A Fitness Company With Fast And Easy Workouts Exclusively For Women
Innovation november 26, 2013

Device Converts Running Mileage Into Harvestable Energy

Kinetic energy collected from your body can power your iPhone for more than 6 hours.

Design october 11, 2013

Fitness Program Uses Google Glass To Gamify Running

Crowdfunded startup introduces the world's first virtual fitness trainer powered by Glass.

Balance boards exercises stabilizing muscles while skating
Blendfix: Your shirt will take care of your heart
Cities september 4, 2013

Fitness App Encourages Non-Athletes To Move For Half An Hour

A simplified app that focuses on taking action and not interpreting data.

Gaming august 21, 2013

Fitness App Transports Gym TIme Into The Great Outdoors

BitGym offers virtual locations and social interaction make cardio machines more appealing

Culture august 8, 2013

Health-Monitoring App Turns Vital Signs Into Personalized Music

Stay healthy and overcome illnesses with this new form of adaptive media.


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