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Europe september 29, 2016

Architect Turns A Giant Smile Into A Public Exhibition

The structure offers visitors a new perspective of London and creates an immersive environment that integrates structure, surface, space and light

Travel august 10, 2016

How The House Of The Future Could Improve Our Relationships With Others

These dwelling ideas aim to address some of Japan's social issues and how people live and communicate together

Arts & Culture july 21, 2016

Ai Weiwei Addresses The Refugee Crisis With His Latest Art Installation

The piece uses 1,005 life jackets to form a lotus-like pattern on a pool of water

Home june 21, 2016

Airbnb Conceptualizes The Future Of Shared Space

The booking service collaborated with Japanese design house Go Hasegawa to explore home design for communities

Fashion may 27, 2016

Exhibition Challenges Designers To Create Products That Address Discrimination

Group of designers channelled personal experiences to create products that change behavior

Technology may 26, 2016

World's First Mechanical 3D Printer Is Powered By Gravity

Analog 3D Printer is half machine, half kinetic sculpture

Food march 23, 2016

Exhibition Brews Up Design Ideas for a Saturated Beer Market

Brewing, screen-printing and illustration come together in a showcase of fictional labels

Work january 16, 2015

Oculus Rift Platform Tracks & Finds The World's Missing Art

The Museum Of Stolen Art features inaccessible pieces of history, interactive audio tour aimed to recover lost masterpieces

Cities november 25, 2014

Traveling Truth Box Video Confessional Booth Invites You to Tell a Lie

The (Dis)Honesty Project asks participants to open up about deceit and morality for documentary feature film

Sustainability november 5, 2014

Fog Installation to Celebrate San Francisco's Unique Climate

Regardless of the weather forecast, city residents will be able to lose themselves in the mist during an April exhibition

Work november 4, 2014

Meet David Lynch, Donut-Creation Inspiration

The filmmaker's debut to the art world was met by a creative, flavorful response

Arts & Culture october 21, 2014

Audiovisual Show Simultaneously Creates Artwork in Two Countries

An art installation/ science experiment bridges the gap between Montreal in Canada and Rennes in France

Cities october 15, 2014

WAT-AAH Art Show Promotes Healthy Hydration

Brand returns to New York for another art exhibition that promotes less soda, more water through street art

Design & Architecture october 8, 2014

Whiskey-Rigged Organ Offers Sensory Symphony

A many-faceted performance featuring booze-tuned instruments is about to begin its world tour


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