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Travel october 3, 2016

Hawaii's Campaign Uses Facial Recognition To Help You Plan Your Vacation

The promotion is using the tech to analyze travelers' faces while they watch a video to determine what activities suit them best

Work june 30, 2016

Travel Service Will Pay Business Travelers To Be Flexible

The new app from the founder of Priceline will reward employees who take steps to save their companies money with gift card incentives

Luxury february 13, 2015

Digital Travel Agent Helps You Build Perfect Multi-City Trips Online

Vamo's advanced algorithms and close partnerships let travelers generate personalized itineraries in seconds

Innovation june 13, 2014

10 Stories You Need To Know Today

American fans adopt foreign world cup traditions, Nevada controls weather with drones and Twitter COO resigns.

Technology november 28, 2013

Nate Dwyer: From Engines To Agencies, Can’t Someone Help to Plan My Trip?

By connecting customer preferences with knowledgable agents, travel sites can offer better service and take the pain out of the planning process.

Technology february 11, 2013

Expedia Create Travel Albums Using Instagram & Facebook Photos [Video]

App transforms travelers' journeys into personal stories for sharing on social networks.

IoT september 13, 2011

Springwise: TomTom Navigation Device Will Include Real-Time TripAdvisor Reviews

The newest TomTom GPS offers real-time reviews from several different apps to help users choose restaurants and hotels along the way.

Design & Architecture august 23, 2010

Website Visualizes Airline Price Comparison Results

Simple layout changes to search queries could help airlines sell more tickets.

Travel june 10, 2010

Leaving On A Jet Plane?

Similar to the way Expedia searches commercial flights for empty seats, WannaJet drives down the costs of chartered jets by linking up passengers traveling to the same destination.


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