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Giant Oil Drum Pyramid Planned To Tower Over Abu Dhabi

Jewelry Company Creates $250K Black Diamond Nail Polish

Orbitz Shows Higher Travel Prices On Macs Than PCs [Headlines]

Singapore Airlines Offer Passengers Private Suites With Double Bed [Pics]

$2000 Logitech Headphones Come With A Personal Service Specialist

Limited-Edition Whisky Bottles Labeled With Annie Leibovitz’s Photos

Hotel Offers Guests Complimentary Rides In A Top-Of-The-Range Bentley

Cartier Relaunches Its Edgy Nail-Inspired Jewelery [Pics]

Kanye West Unveils $5,800 Stilettos At Paris Fashion Week

frog: The Inconvenient Truth Of Going Green

Role Reversal: Chinese Manufacturers Setting Up Shop In America

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