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Syndicated november 7, 2016

These 22¢ Glasses Will Help You Fool Facial Recognition Software

A team of researchers have found that eyewear printed with a wild pattern is enough to get around most commercial identification systems

Syndicated november 1, 2016

A Look At The Next Generation Of Doorbells

From facial-recognition to dog power, new technologies are being leveraged to guard the home

[Insight] Unreliable facial recognition software might jail the innocent
Technology august 29, 2016

Browser Extension Blocks Any Pages That Make You Unhappy

The software can detect your facial movements and prevent content that brings up negative emotions

Technology april 4, 2016

Online Dating Software Uses Facial Recognition To Help Find The Perfect Match

This platform delivers potential lovers in 30 second video chats

[Insight] Overcoming racial bias in facial recognition technology
Travel january 25, 2016

Step Right up to Facial Recognition Scanning at the Airport

JFK has implemented facial comparison technology to improve security and combat identity theft

Work june 30, 2014

Software Scans Family Photographs To Detect Genetic Disorders

This new computer program can use a digital picture to help diagnose rare disorders.

Technology june 19, 2014 Uses Facial Recognition To Find Dates That Look Like Your ‘Type’

How the dating website is staying one step ahead of the dating game.

IoT march 20, 2014

9 Stories You Need To Know Today

New digital currencies for buying marijuana, subscription YouTube to challenge Spotify and more top stories for today.

Retail march 10, 2014

Google Glass App Reads Human Emotions and Feelings

Face-tracking identifies moods and feelings via facial expressions, and converts them into a report.

Design & Architecture january 9, 2014

Webcam Project Lets People Face Swap With Celebrities

Digital models lets people "try on" masks of Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Chuck Norris and Obama.

Luxury january 6, 2014

Facial-Recognition App Lets People Identify Passersby By Their Online Dating Profile

A Google Glass app that closes the distance between strangers.

Retail december 30, 2013

The Billionaire Shop Is Giving Away A Lamborghini

A unique ecommerce site will give away a Lamborghini to the person who wishes for it the hardest.


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