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Syndicated november 7, 2016

These 22¢ Glasses Will Help You Fool Facial Recognition Software

A team of researchers have found that eyewear printed with a wild pattern is enough to get around most commercial identification systems

Technology july 30, 2015

The Only Thing Standing Between You and Your Unlocked Phone is Your Face

Apple hopes to make our connection with our information-sensitive devices more personal with facial recognition tech

Technology july 23, 2013

Payment System Lets Shoppers Buy Groceries With Their Faces [Video]

Uniqul uses facial recognition software to connect customers with their bank accounts and allow them to pay for goods without cash or a credit card.

Retail november 14, 2012

Facial Recognition System Tracks Shoppers’ Habits

To help stores refine their marketing strategies and target top spenders, NEC has developed technology that estimates shoppers' gender and age.

Innovation may 30, 2012

Facebook To Acquire Facial Recognition Startup? [Headlines]

Following a spree of hires and acquisitions, and the release of a proprietary Camera app, the newly public company has eyes on a startup whose facial recognition software allows photo tagging in real-time.

Work april 4, 2012

Software Reads Your Age And Mood

The API, which estimates how old a person is, is available to developers who want to integrate facial recognition in their apps.

Technology august 8, 2011

Facial Recognition Software & Social Media Sites Increase Privacy Risk

Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University demonstrate how easy it is to invade someone's privacy using new technologies.

august 25, 2010

The Uses And Perils Of Facial Recognition

Software that can recognize people in photos on the Internet has received mixed reviews from experts and organizations.


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