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Cities february 7, 2013

New York City Ballet Partners With Street Artists

Highbrow meets lowbrow in the FAILE X NYC Ballet Collaboration as they reach out to a younger, more diverse audience.

Culture november 1, 2011

New Mural On Houston And Bowery Has A Funky Pulp Fiction Feel

The Faile collective has put up a large collage by the busy intersection.

Cities july 22, 2010

(Pics) FAILE’s Street Art Temple

The Cathedral Project is a detailed sculptural installation located in the heart of Lisbon.

Advertising february 19, 2010

(Pics) Faile BAST Deluxx FLUXX Arcade 2010

Best known for their unique street art, Faile and Bast recently opened a new, arcade-themed show at London's Lazarides Rathbone Place Gallery.

Culture october 15, 2009

(Pics) Wood Paintings by Faile

Street art collective Faile let us know about some new work they are producing. Their "Wood Paintings" straddle a line between painting and sculpture, and give an added dimension to their graphic style.

Culture february 6, 2009
Culture december 5, 2007

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