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How retailers can understand shoppers’ attitudes around sustainable shopping (Highline)
Sustainability october 31, 2013

Customizable Lip Balm Developed By Ten-Year-Old Girl

Chloey Shriver and her father are revolutionizing the beauty business by giving the customer unprecedented control in the creation process.

Home august 14, 2013

Double-Masted Boat Kite Sails Through The Air [Pics]

Haptic Lab’s 'Sailing Ship Kite' is designed like a double-masted ship, handmade by artisans in Bali.

Work april 4, 2012

How QR Codes Make You Feel Like Part Of A Fair Trade Cooperative

The additional information hidden in these little squares of technology make consumers feel closer to the products they are buying.

Innovation february 11, 2012

Leonardo DiCaprio Launches Sustainable Coffee Brand

International film star collaborates with La Colombe coffee to create new roast to support a positive environmental future.

Technology february 1, 2012

Sustainable Clothing Made From Discarded Soybean Casings [Pics]

Faeries Dance offer a range of sustainable garments made from soy fiber and organic cotton.

Sustainability october 10, 2011

How Green Is Your Coffee? [Headlines]

Our taste for coffee has hit forests and biodiversity, but efforts are afoot to make production more sustainable.

Innovation august 23, 2011

Springwise: Coffee So Custom You Can Even Name Your Blend

EightPointNine is a UK-based coffee service that will create a blend of coffee to suit your flavor preferences.

Advertising june 22, 2011

Springwise: Community-Supported Coffee Links Farmers Directly With Customers

New business idea seeker highlights California-based cooperative CoffeeCSA's efforts to deliver organic, fair trade coffee on a global scale.

Design & Architecture november 19, 2010

The Money Inside Your Daily Fix

Designer Christine M. Røde brings to life some revealing statistics about coffee.

Work august 30, 2010

Rishi Tea And The Growth Of Fair Trade In Asia

A recent profile of founder Joshua Kaiser highlights some interesting facts about the world of tea, and shows how consumption habits are changing around the world.

Arts & Culture august 9, 2010

Data Visualization And Social Media Connect Social Enterprising Businesses

iuMap is a new online hub for international social enterprising organizations.

Cities september 21, 2009

The Long Tail of Coffee Adds To Starbucks' Identity Crisis

Over the past year we’ve noticed experimentation in Starbucks’ marketing, a reflection of an identity crisis in the industry as “mass-market powerhouses” McDonald’s and Dunkin’ Donuts use the recession to rise from below. On the opposite front gourmet coffee startups are beginning to present the premium quality Starbucks once used as its primary selling point.


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