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Technology november 21, 2016

How Snapchat Is Redefining TV Programming

The social platform will be offering a new form of television starting with a spinoff of "Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon."

Design & Architecture june 17, 2011

Sony's Ad Spot To Promote 3D Coverage Of Wimbledon

A new Sony campaign creates a quirky video spot to promote Wimbledon 2011.

Technology july 9, 2010

Digital Strategy, Generous Interactions And The Engagement Opportunity

A Fallon presentation discusses how to approach the discipline of digital planning - and ultimately create brand engagement.

Mobile march 2, 2010

Agencies Compete As Product Developers And Pop Culture Engineers

AdAge discusses the shift we've been seeing at several agencies - both digital and full-service - that are recognizing and capitalizing on the opportunity to use their creative resources to create offline and online products.

Cities october 6, 2009

Icelandic Town Made into a Sound Speaker System

For one of their latest advertisements, Sony and Fallon/London have partnered to transform the Icelandic town, Seydisfjordur, into a giant soundspeaker system.

Advertising june 3, 2005

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