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Cities september 23, 2016

Food-Producing Architecture Competition Seeks To Better Feed Cities

A design challenge in Copenhagen highlights the need and beauty of urban farming

Syndicated june 8, 2016

How To Feed 9.7bn People? Startups Take On Global Food Problem

In hunt for solution to rising population, agriculture has adopted venture capital mindset

[Insight] How a milk company has perfected farm to table marketing
[Insight] Major foods brands are subsidizing farmers to go organic due to demand
Cities february 16, 2016

Is Urban Farming Only for Rich Hipsters?

Urbans farms are springing up everywhere, but if they exclude lower income groups they’ll do little good

Advertising january 19, 2016

Trend Watch: Apartment Farming

Hands-off farming brings the locavore movement closer to home

Cities september 17, 2015

Self-Sustaining Islands, the Future of Farming?

As nautical ways of living catch on, triple decker farms might start supplying a region near you

Design july 9, 2015

How Can Vaccine Supply Chains Improve Access to Fresh Produce?

In order to improve global access to fresh produce, Bruce Y. Lee says that improvements in vaccine transport can be applied to agricultural supply chains

Advertising april 20, 2015

SMS Service Helps Kenyan Farmers Take On Moles and More

iShamba is providing farmers in developing countries with advice on agricultural challenges

Technology january 12, 2015

Evaporation Cooling Tent Keeps Food For The Hungry

The Wakati system helps farmers in developing nations keep harvests fresh longer

Cities july 28, 2014

Modular Farm Concept Brings Nature to the Heart of New York

Ecosystem on First Avenue could produce food, harvest energy and recycle water and waste

Cities june 11, 2014

Neighborhoods Become Urban Farms With Produce-Swapping App

RipeNearMe lets people share what they are growing and what stage it is at in the ripening process.

Advertising may 19, 2014

Experimental Virtual Reality Gives Caged Chickens A View Of Freedom [Video]

Iowa State professor wants to use Oculus Rift to raise virtually free-range chicken.

Design november 28, 2013

Shawn Parr: How To Farm New Ideas For Food Companies

America is finally catching on to the importance of product ingredients and origins, so what's next?


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