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[Stat] 60% of women are buying less apparel than they did 10 years ago
Retail may 21, 2015

Fashion Library Lends You Clothes Instead of Books

LENA is a closet that allows patrons to borrow fashions of their choice in order to create more sustainable fashion practices

Work june 2, 2014

'Fast Shopping' Turns France's Streets Into A 20 Second Purchase Path [Video]

The Comptoir des Cotonniers campaign allows shoppers to use the PowaTag app to scan tags and make purchases from virtual stores at any time.

Design & Architecture april 25, 2013

Paper Watch Encourages Owners To Customize The Band

This gadget is purchased as a blank canvas, allowing the wearer to add their own designs.

Arts & Culture august 24, 2012

Uniqlo's Newest Ads Feature Life-Sized Bugs

As part of its capsule collection with streetwear designer Jun Takahashi, the Japanese megaretailer rolls a fun, insect-inspired new look book.

Technology may 29, 2012

Burberry To Open Online Store [Headlines]

Beginning June 1st the iconic UK clothing label will make items from its autumn/winter line available on its website as well as multiple social media platforms. This will be the first time shoppers will have access to next season's clothing before it hits stores.

Sustainability june 24, 2011

Springwise: Minimalist 10-Piece Wardrobe Designed To Span A Year

Entrepreneurial idea seeker introduces Malaysian fashion label ULTRA that keeps the environment in mind.

IoT june 7, 2011

3D-Printed Bikini Is Ready-To-Wear

An iconic piece in a women's wardrobe becomes a transformative milestone in the world of fast-fashion.

Retail march 22, 2011

'Fast Fashion' Giant Adopts An Eco-Conscientious Stance

H&M's new Conscious Collection aims to remake its image as the purveyor of -of-the-moment fashion.

Work december 21, 2010

The Misguided Extremes of Fast Fashion and the Branding of Nostalgia

Gill Linton explores the work of photographer Chase P Coughlin, who chemically manipulates found vintage photographs of strangers, creating a sinisterly voyeuristic and agitating commentary on the over-polished marketing of Nostalgia.

Mobile november 2, 2010

H&M's GoldRun Mobile Game

An interactive display window-based mobile game motivates users to interact with, virtually try on, and share H&M clothing & accessories.

Technology january 28, 2010

The Future Of Fashion Is Recycling The Past, But Is It Good Business?

Three brands prove there is money in catering to niche, unique identities and not just mountains of badly made mass-market knock offs. Meet this decades retail rock stars who don’t actually buy any stock.

Innovation november 6, 2009

Gill Linton: Fast Fashion is For Losers

Apart from a few things from American Apparel and Uniqlo, oh and a knock-off Balenciaga riding hat from H&M, on the whole, there is a lot to lose from fast fashion.

Advertising july 15, 2009

Gill Linton: Boycott Beige

Now that designer style has become so accessible, thanks to fast fashion knock offs, everyone looks the same. In his book Paris New York Shanghai', Dutch conceptual artist Hans Eijkelboom intricately proves that although people perceive themselves as being very independent, they actually look very much alike. Which is what's so [...]


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