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Food october 27, 2016

Photo Series Brutally Murders Some Of Your Favorite Fast Food

The portraits by artist duo Ilka & Franz do away with mealtime regulars in a way that is both beautiful and humorous

Food september 22, 2016

McDonald's Opens An Upscale Cafe In Paris

At the fast food chain's new eatery diners will find macchiatos and macaroons instead of its signature burgers

Retail july 29, 2016

Social Enterprise Restaurant Aims To Make Healthy Food Affordable For All

Everytable wants to democratize health food with nutritious meals at under $4

Experiential Marketing july 20, 2016

Jack In The Box Tests The Waters Of VR Marketing

The American fast food chain joins numerous brands in creating a virtual experience to support the launch of its new menu item.

Retail may 23, 2016

Order A Whopper Without Having To Talk To A Human

Socially integrated bot lets you order Burger King online

Arts & Culture may 19, 2016

Pop-Up Gives Away Vitamin Supplements To Go With Your Bad Diet

How many vitamins would you need to make up for your fast food habits?

Advertising may 16, 2016

Fast Food Chain Gives Customers A Behind-The-Scenes Look At Food Production

Get a glimpse inside McDonald's farms, factories and restaurants using VR

Advertising march 31, 2016

KFC Romania Promotes Education Through Free Wi-Fi

Fast food chain offers free Wi-Fi to students who can pass a test

[News] McDonald’s is testing a chicken nugget with no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives
Fast food eaters have higher levels of industrial chemicals in their body 24 hours after consumption (Bloomberg)
Syndicated january 27, 2015

Shake Shack Rocks McDonald's to the Burger Patty

As the fast-food upstart startup heads for a $568m IPO and global expansion, the biggest name in the business is suffering terrible financial results. Why?

Technology december 15, 2014

Pizza Hut's App Knows What You're Thinking

Fast food chain trying out 'subconscious ordering'

Cities october 10, 2014

McDonald’s Experiments with Build-Your-Own-Burger Kiosk

Customers at one of the fast-food giant's Sydney restaurants use a large freestanding touchscreen to customize their sandwiches with fresh ingredients

Gaming & Play october 8, 2014

Yo, McDonald's: Give Us Fried Ice Cream

A group of fast-food enthusiasts are pinging the chain restaurant en masse to put a new pie on the menu.


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